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Enriching Education for South Africa’s Children

The mission of The Dr. Bettye Bouey Yates Educational Foundation is to enrich the educational experience of underserved children in South Africa through advocacy and the investment of resources that empower every student to achieve both academic and personal success. Our vision is that all students in our schools will graduate and be prepared with the skills necessary for post-secondary, career and life success.

The political history of South Africa negatively impacted the quality of literacy and education for generations to come. Though, with new freedoms brought about through true democratic participation in 1994, radical changes in education have not taken root. The challenges, unfortunately, are still immense. Public schools in South Africa are faced with many obstacles as they struggle to provide children with a quality education with fewer than sufficient resources. Unemployment is high and many families cannot even pay school fees or purchase the required books and materials. Many children are orphans and live a great distance from school and cannot afford or secure transportation to and from their school. Teachers and administrators lack supplies and equipment that support educational attainment and effective school administration.

The Dr. Bettye Bouey Yates Educational Foundation strives to partner with administrators and teachers to identify each school's educational challenges and then provide resources that will enable them to meet the educational objectives for their students. The Foundation supports multiple public primary schools located in the Township of Clermont, Province of KwaZulu-Natal, near the city of Durban, South Africa. The Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2003 in Washington, D.C., and designated as a §501(c)(3) under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

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Christianenburg Primary School

Clermont Public Primary School

Clernaville Public Primary School

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