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youngkidsOur school has a Noah Project which is for orphans and vulnerable kids. Noah is helping those who are not enough supported from their homes. Noah is giving them support by giving them food and counseling them in their problems e.g. Single parents who are not working, HIV/AIDS, and orphans. Sometimes these Learners are living with grandparents. I think Christianenburg, is a school that puts the needs first–they make us their number one priority… What a school… what a place of comfort- Christianenburg is a home for everyone.” by Lungiswa Dlamini

Sometimes teachers might think that they are wasting their time but they do not know that we really appreciate everything they are doing. They may take it for granted that they are doing their job. Even if we have lost our parents they close that gap to our hearts. For me female teachers are my role models. We have learnt so much from you. As we leave the school this year we shall definitely carry your flag with pride, we’ll miss you Christianenburg.

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